Safari / Flash Compatibility Information

Starting with Mountain Lion 10.8.5, Apple changed the way "Security" settings for the Flash player work when running content from a local disc, such as this DVD. To view the Flash videos on this DVD using Safari versions 6.1 and later (which is installed with Mountain Lion 10.8.5, Mavericks, etc., ...), you must first change your Safari Security Preferences.

If you've already set up your Security prefs, or you're still using Safari on Mac OS 10.8.4 or earlier, I will probably recommend that you use the HTML5 versions on your DVD. Or... if you don't want to jump through the hoops of changing your Safari Security settings, you can just as easily run the Flash versions from the DVD using Google Chrome, which I would highly recommend. If not, proceed with the instructions below.

To change your Safari Security settings for local file Flash compatibility:

You should still have the Adobe Camera Raw Video Workshop DVD in your computer, with this page open in Safari.

1) Choose Preferences from the Safari menu:

Safari Prefs

2) Under the Security tab, make sure the Internet plug-ins box is checked, and click the Manage Website Settings button:

Security Tab

For the Adobe Flash Player entry, you should see Local Documents under Configured Websites:

Local Documents

If you do NOT see the Adobe Flash Player entry in the left column, or the Local Documents entry under Configured Websites, click the Flash icon on your DVD's Start Here page to surf to the Flash content again, and then go back to your Safari Prefs, and you will see it.


3) Click the menu for Local documents, and choose Run in Unsafe Mode:

Click Allow

4) You'll get a dialog asking if you want to run the Flash Player in unsafe mode. Click Trust:

TrustClose the Preferences dialog, refresh the Start Here page. and you should now be able to run the Flash videos from the DVD using Safari.

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