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Name: psi
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Note that you will only need this one link to view the entire Photoshop + Lightroom Integration Video Tutorial series on any device. Bookmark this link, or print out this page before you surf away from it.

Please respect all the hard work I've put into these tutorials, and don't share your login info with anyone else. I've tried to price these tutorials as affordably as possible, so that everyone can enjoy them.

If you find that you have any trouble logging in for any reason, simply e-mail me (, and I'll be happy to help you work it out.

Taking a peek at the simple instructions below will help you make the most of the unique Flash interface that I've created for these videos. iPad and iPhone users will not see the Flash interface, so stop gloating, and just go to your link. :-) You're going to love the way these tutorials look on your iPad!

If you are NOT using an iPad or iPhone, please note that the Flash plug-in for your browser is required to view these tutorials. The videos will probably play fine in your browser just as it is, but if you need an update you can download the latest version of the plug-in for free, here.

Please note that if you have video problems that don't seem related to video streaming, the very first thing you should do is to update your Flash plug-in.

Minimum screen resolution for viewing these tutorials online is 1280 x 960.

Once you've logged into the Flash site, you should see the video navigation thumbnails. Click one. If the video area is too large for your screen, just scroll to the lower-right corner, and click the Full Screen button...

full screen button

... and then try a few positions using the Fit button, right next to the end...

fit button

Finally, clicking the navigation control button at the corner of the video window, willl reveal the movie navigation controller again.

nav button

The really nice thing about this Flash interface, is that when you are using the Full Screen viewing mode and you also show the controller, you can see the turorial and the navigation at the same time. Like this.....

best viewing

I think this gives you the best viewing of the videos, while allowing you to see where you are in the lineup, and jump around if you wish.

Remember, if you hear the audio, but you do not get the video, you need to update your Flash plug-in!