Vincent Laforet Brings His Directing Motion Workshop To 32 Cities . . .

by George on April 12, 2014

Directing Motion Workshop

If you’re a working photographer you already know how important video skills have become for the digital generation. And if you’re a working photographer not yet familiar with Vincent’s work, it’s time to catch up.

Late last year I attended the Monte Zucker produced Art of Visual Story Telling Tour with Alex Buono, and it was fantastic. Now they are following up on that with Vincent Laforet’s one-day workshop Directing Motion. These workshops will inspire you, and give you the fundamentals you need to kick start your own personal transition into the world of video. And I can’t think of a more talented individual than Vincent to introduce you to that world.

As an added bonus, Vincent will be discussing the techniques used in dozens of film classics such as 2001, Pulp Fiction and Saving Private Ryan, and workshop giveaways will include 50 Blu-ray DVD’s from the super-classics list.

Click here to see the workshop details.

Click here to see the cities and dates.

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