Still One Seat Left For Spain This October, And Just Two For India In December

by George on September 20, 2015

Arctic tern

Photograph © Martin Sammtleben

Come join us starting October 25th to explore the magnificent Picos De Europa, its villages, autumnal forests and coastal scenery of northern Spain’s Costa Verde. There’s still time! This workshop will be an ideal opportunity to get out and photograph the last of fall in Europe, in what promises to be an adventure, an exploration, and a relaxing but incredibly enriching experience. Come walk, hike and photograph with us, and then dig deeper, and refine your vision with expert guidance in developing/processing your best images.

Click here for more details on this workshop.

Majuli Ferry

Photograph © George A. Jardine

Or, if you’re ready to take your photography (and the adventure!) to the next level, this extended 14-day workshop is just the thing you’ve been looking for. I’ll be guest instructor for digital and everything Lightroom (but of course, you’re welcome to use any software you like; this workshop is about making GREAT images, not specific software.), while Martin and Geraldine will be your expert guides and photographic instructors.

Click here for more info on this exotic workshop to Assam and Nagaland.

Martin and Geraldine run the best-organized, and most hassle-free workshops I’ve ever been lucky enough to attend. Click here to check out the long list of fantastic workshops offered by Wild Photography Holidays.

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