New Lightroom 4 Develop Video Tutorial Series Has Been Published

by George on May 13, 2012

Photograph © George A. Jardine

I’ve finally completed my all-new Lightroom 4 Develop video series, which has been completely re-written with many new expanded examples and techniques. This comprehensive new series is over 6 hours in length, and contains 17 videos formatted for your browser, your iPad, and your iPhone.

Click here to check out the details, and see the list of movie titles.

No need to purchase a so-called “Advanced Series”…. it’s all here. Whether you’re a professional professional or passionate amateur, this series steps you through a complete understanding of each and every control, including the all-new LR 4.1 Color Defringing controls.

iPad downloads with chapter markers, and DVD’s for Amazon will be published soon. A special bonus movie is also in production and will be added to the series by the end of May. This new movie is entitled “Understanding Lightroom’s New Tone Controls”, and will describe the changes in the Develop module from LR 3 to 4.

If you’d like to see what serious learners have said about my Develop videos click here. This new series is better than ever, but still affordably priced at just $24.95 for online access, and $34.95 for DVD’s via Amazon.

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Paul Beiser May 14, 2012 at 6:36 PM

I have been waiting for these – great to not only see them out, but as I expected they offer a wealth of easily understood and powerful techniques for getting the most out of Lightroom. And one of the great benefits of these videos (as well as his other ones) is that George does an exceptional job teaching by working through some examples that really show how to get the most out of Lightroom. I have just started these and look forward to getting through all of them!

Mark May 16, 2012 at 7:41 AM

Like Paul (above), I’m in the process of working through these new vids, but was so impressed I just wanted to leave a quick note of appreciation for George. I especially like that George’s instructional style isn’t overly technical, but comes from a photographer’s perspective and discusses how a photographer can use LR’s powerful features to generate images pleasing to the photgrapher. Also, I appreciate that George doesn’t waste the viewer’s time with a lot of extraneous chit-chat that doesn’t really teach us anything. Finally, I’ve been through a lot of instructional materials and I’ve been using LR for quite a while, but I still find that each of George’s videos has something important to teach me. Thanks, George.

John Schwaller May 17, 2012 at 8:44 AM

George, I know it is a bit “bassackwards”, but I started with #17….because softproofing was my “hot” concern of the moment.

Lately I had gone through a number of LR4 books and videos to better understand the new softproofing. I have got to say that yours was the best….not only how you delivered it…but the results I got immediately after viewing it.

I have always like your instructional approach….just simple, pragmatic, here’s-what-is-important-to-know knowledge. What you showed me on softproofing is just the start I needed and, while I need more practice, will give me he start to improve my printing.


Paul December 31, 2012 at 5:46 AM

Thank you George! Thank you for a tutorial series that really makes sense out of the intricacies of LR 4 ‘s develop module. I have studied other video tutorials and I must say that your series blows the others away! I watched each of the modules one time and then practiced what I learned and the improvement in my results has been dramatic. Your ability to use real, practical images and explain both the theory and the practice of applying the development tools is nothing short of amazing! You make everything very easy to follow and understand. I plan to watch each again, in more detail, make careful notes and then continue to practice and improve. I initially made up my mind to pass on your series that covers catalog management and workflow because I have learned them from other tutorials but now that I have seen how clear and effective your development module series is, I will be ordering that series as well. All I can add in closing is that this series on LR 4 Develop Module is the best and most cost effective investment I have made in my photographic training!
You have my highest recommendation.
Thank you!!!!!

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