My Lightroom Location Workflow & Catalog Management Series Is Now Available On The iTunes Bookstore…

by George on March 11, 2013

Catalog Management Book in iTunes

My first (video) book is finally up on the iTunes Bookstore! The moment I saw the iBooks Author application, I knew this was a genius move on Apple’s part. I wanted to have my videos available as iBooks from the beginning. (It just took me a little while to get the first one completed!)

I’ve been making my videos available as downloads for iPad users since their introduction. The format is right, it’s portable, and best of all, the tutorials look great on the iPad. The iBook format is nice because it gives me the chance to include more text outlining the subject matter for each video. Plus, you get to see more pictures! :-)

Click here to visit the iTunes page for the book.

The iBook version is just $24.99 on the iTunes Bookstore, and it contains the same 12 videos as the online version. Why is it $5 less than buying the online version directly from me? Well, frankly, there are two small differences with the iBooks version. First, the iBooks version has a text listing of the video chapter markers, but the iBook Author app currently does not give me any way to make that list clickable, to take you directly to a corresponding timecode within the video. Second, the current version of the iBooks app does not let you beam the video stream to an AppleTV. So purchasers of the “online” version do get one or two minor benefits.

Having said all that, the iBook is here, and a great value at just $24.95. Download one and post a review for me today!

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Bud Gibson March 12, 2013 at 7:16 AM

I think this is the exact right strategy for this material.

Martin Gould May 13, 2013 at 12:49 AM

Where are my images in Lightroom?!!

I do like Geoge’s approach, in that he starts off by telling you all about the structure of LR in moderate detail. Now newbies may need to look at a couple of the videos more than once, however, once you understand this you will not make serious mistakes in the future, or if you do you will recognise what has happened. I am now able to repair broken links and am happy to have images on multiple hard drives.
My workflow has also improved.
This version runs smoothly in iBook format.

Ps Eorge if you want to post this just call me Marty Gee.

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