Lightroom 4 Develop Tutorials DVD now available on Amazon!

by George on June 13, 2012

Amazon Develop DVD

The Lightroom 4 Develop video series is finally available on DVD. The disc contains the entire set of 18 all-new video tutorials compete with the full-screen versions and customized Flash player. As an added bonus, I’ve thrown in the complete set of QuickTime files sized and formatted specifically for the iPad. Which is especially cool, when you stream them to an Apple TV! Complete details on the new series can be found by clicking here.

The specially formatted iPad files also contain chapter markers, and the complete list can be found by clicking here.

What is the very best possible way to view my Lightroom videos? Hands-down, bar-none, it’s absolutely, positively gotta be sitting on your couch in the comfort of your living room, with your iPad in your hand (or a cocktail :-), watching them streaming to your very own television.

To view a free sample movie on the Develop Tone Curve, click here.

To purchase the Lightroom 4 Develop Module DVD on, click here.

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John King June 14, 2012 at 9:26 AM

I hope these sell really well for you George. These should be recognized for the deep value in the material and the obvious care and preparation that each video demonstrates.

I just left a quick review on Amazon. And your update on Tutorial #4 was *very* much appreciated.

I think it was Kerouac who said “all comparisons are odious”, but I’m going to make a comparison anyway. Tutorials from other folks might help make you a better user of Lightroom, but George’s tutorials help me to become a better image-maker.

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