Adobe Lightroom Video Workshop – 18 Tutorials on the Lightroom Library Workflow and Digital Photo Library Management, For Lightroom 4 & 5 (Classic)…

Building A Lasting Library

Photographs © George A. Jardine

If you have already purchased the online version of the Lightroom 4 Library videos, do not purchase this series. This is a free update to anyone who has purchased the Library 4 videos, and free downloads are available for those who purchased the Library 4 DVD.

This set of 18 video tutorials gives you over 7 hours of the very best online education available. It covers all the essential Library module functions for your digital photo library management for Lightroom 4, 5, 6 and CC (Classic). What is not covered? Facial recognition, and the connection to LR mobile, and the new Creative Cloud photo storage.

We start from the ground up, and guide any serious photographer—professional or passionate amateur—through the process of building an easy-to-use, but incredibly effective digital photo library. Then we dive deeper, tutorial-by-tutorial, through nearly every Lightroom Library feature, gently leading you to a solid and complete understanding of the entire professional workflow. Watch this online series anytime, day or night, and you will find thousands of tips and techniques that help you master your photo library and the new Lightroom Library workflow. The complete series is only $24.95.

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Smart Previews is the single most significant feature for the Lightroom 5 Library, as it can help you dramatically streamline your location workflow. Therefore, the entire 22 minute duration of Update Video #2 is devoted to describing the Smart Preview location workflow in great detail.

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The video titles for this series are:

Total Running Time
Lightroom 5 Library Update 1 – New Features Overview11:10
Lightroom 5 Library Update 2 – The Smart Preview Workflow22:20
The Library Structure Overview14:45
The Lightroom Catalog Overview7:43
The Lightroom User Interface21:32
The Pro Workflow Overview37:02
The Lightroom Import Dialog17:31
The Library Module – Part 127:51
The Library Module – Part 242:21
The Keywording Panels19:31
The Metadata Panel27:52
File Renaming22:06
Editing Methods in Lightroom 4 & 534:19
The Lightroom Filter Bar14:36
Collections & Virtual Copies24:38
The Export Dialog & Publish Services35:46
The Lightroom to Photoshop Workflow30:59
Photo Library Backup Strategies22:00

Chapter markers for the iPad files, and more detail on individual video content can be found by clicking here.

(Please note that this series does not cover the Lightroom Develop Module, or the output modules. This series is dedicated to the digital photographer’s photo library, workflow, and asset management. Click here to see the LR5 Develop module tutorials.)

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