Which Video Series Is Right For You?

Yellow House

The Adobe Camera Raw 8 Video Workshop

This series includes 25 new videos for artists, designers and photographers who wish to master the raw workflow using Photoshop and Bridge. We cover every Camera Raw control from top to bottom, including details on the intricate relationship between the local and global adjustments, how Smart Objects work, as well as a deep dive on using Camera Raw as a raw processor, or with RGB files as a filter, Smart, or otherwise.

Rare Books

The Lightroom 4 & 5 Library Video Workshop

You can think of the Library videos as your manual to the Library module. Every feature is covered, including comprehensive coverage of how to use keywords, metadata, file renaming, search, and collections. Basic photo library setup is included, as well as backup and archiving strategies. This set of 18 videos was originally created for Lightroom 4, and was updated with 2 videos covering the new features in Lightroom 5.

Iron Worker

The Lightroom 5 Develop Video Workshop

Think of the Develop videos as your manual to the Develop module. Every feature is covered, panel-by-panel, from top-to-bottom. This series contains detailed discussions not found in other videos or books, including a full analysis of defaults, soft-proofing, lens corrections, and the complex interaction that local corrections have with global corrections. Includes new features added in the Lightroom 5.2 update.

The Grand Canal

The Image Correction Master Class

The Image Correction Master Class is your guide to making your pictures look great! If you want to learn the professional techniques for squeezing every possible ounce of perfection out of your pictures, this is your video series. We also dive deep into the complex interactions between the various raw processing tools in Lightroom, giving you a complete foundation of knowledge for your image correction.

Palm Trees

Lightroom Location Workflow & Catalog Management

This video series serves two purposes. First, it is a guide for understanding Lightroom Catalog Management fundamentals. Once you have a firm grasp on how the Lightroom catalog works, we go on location to Lake Como, Italy. The second part of this video series is all about shooting on location, and managing location workflows. This video series was updated for Smart Previews with the Library 5.2 update video on the subject.

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