A Free Update: The Lightroom Catalog Management Video Workshop Has Been Updated For LR5 Smart Previews …

by George on September 1, 2013

S Curve

Photograph © George A. Jardine

The poor Library module didn’t see all that much love in 5.0, aside from the astonishingly useful addition of Smart Previews. But Smart Previews don’t really change anything about the way you work, or about the way the Library works, unless you use them as proxies for your Photo Library when you go on location.

So rather than tearing apart the entire Location Workflow & Catalog Management series for a complete rewrite (that’s coming later this year…), I decided to give you all another free update, by adding the new Smart Preview video to this series too.

For those of you who previously purchased the online version of my Catalog Management video series, this update will be there waiting for you when you log in. If you prefer downloads, just send me an e-mail request, and I’ll gladly send you the links. (Note! This is the same video as Library 5 update video #2. So if you’ve already requested and downloaded that update, you don’t need to download this video too.)

For those of you who never purchased the Catalog Management videos, 100% of the information contained in the existing videos is still perfectly applicable to Lightroom 5. Smart Previews only make location shooting easier, but you’re going to want to know how to manage the catalogs, and this video shows it to you, step-by-step.

Click here to check out the details for the updated series.

The Catalog Management DVD for Amazon will be updated with this new video shortly. If you previously purchased the Library 4 DVD on Amazon, send me an e-mail with your Amazon transaction number, and I’ll gladly send you download link for the new video.

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