Lightroom Develop Module Tutorials on DVD now available on Amazon!

by George on December 11, 2010

Here’s an opportunity to purchase my entire set of 15 video tutorials for the Lightroom 3 Develop module on a DVD. So if you’ve been putting off purchase because you wanted a download, or because you wanted to view them offline, or on your iPad, here is your opportunity. The disc comes with the compete, full-screen versions and customized Flash player, plus as an added bonus, I’ve thrown in a complete set of QuickTime files sized and formatted specifically for the iPad. Which is especially cool, when you stream them to an Apple TV!

What is the very best possible way to view my Lightroom videos? Hands-down, bar-none, it’s absolutely, positively gotta be sitting on your couch in the comfort of your living room, with your iPad in your hand (or a cocktail :-), watching them streaming to your very own television.

To view a free sample movie on the HSL panel, click here.

To purchase the Develop Module DVD on, click here.

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marianne December 11, 2010 at 11:41 PM

Good Idea! I will mention this post to my digital group.

DTK December 12, 2010 at 1:43 AM

I get audio on the sample, but no video. I’d like to take a look at it.

George Jardine December 13, 2010 at 4:41 PM

Thanks for your interest, David.

Keep in mind that in all its wisdom, some Apple updates have actually been known to downgrade your Flash plug-in for you. Insane…. I know. Check your Flash version by right-clicking on the black screen, and choosing About Adobe Flash Player, and you’ll not only see your version number, but you’ll be right at the site for easy updating.

This “audio, but no video” problem is the result of running Flash player, which was a beta version that does not play H.264 video correctly.

Amazingly, this is the Flash version that Apple distributed to its Apple Stores for months and months, even though it was over a year old at the time, and had been updated many times. Because of this, Flash movies effectively did not play video, on any Macintosh, in any Apple Store. Thankfully, Apple has recently rectified this incredibly stupid situation.

Go figure.

Can you imagine the chain of command that allows this to happen? The sad thing is that Apple has great products. They simply don’t need to resort to these sorts of childish games.

Do you suppose they think this makes Adobe look bad?

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